Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I'm going a bit better... about 6 out of 10. Of course I'm not going to break up the band or do anything drastic - just like I said I wouldn't. I'm still not happy with the way its all going, but we'll see how things pan out after Thursdays' rehearsal.

We've had some glorious rainfall here... not floods like elsewhere, nor no bushfires. Seven+ years of drought have surely stuffed the water table around here, so any good soaking rain we get is a godsend.

Speaking of god... I really "dislike it intensely" when a so-called 'christian friend' (and I'm not a christian anymore) preaches to me online, like what happened to me this evening. Just didn't treat me like a living human being, just started throwing bible verses at me to justify their point-of-view... even tho we weren't even talking anything remotely about that stuff in the first place. Just having a friendly chat, and then - like flicking a switch. Total weirdness. Needless to say I've 'de-friended' them online. I don't need that $#it! Keep your attitude in your matchbox, mate.

And one last quick final note for our Kiwi friends...

see funny english mistakes
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Soaking rain, I have been preying for that! Last report I did see is that we have only had 2.5mls of rain this month! Drastically low eh!
    I wont preach to ya!

  2. Oh, we moan about the rain over here (but we do have more than out fair share) but when you're without it for so long, well you appreciate it all the more. Enjoy it while it lasts, Mal.

  3. Yeah send some down here, it keeps threatening to rain but then nothing.

  4. glad your getting some rain. I know you needed it.

  5. That raincoat is sweet as, bro!

  6. I know Australia is a big place - but rain and fire....I hope they combine and bring normalcy!