Thursday, 1 January 2009

Under Doonas

I slept-in this morning, thankfully. I ended-up watching my DVD of "The Pianist" until some ridiculous hour, simply because it's such an amazingly engrossing movie.

It's so quiet around here today! I haven't heard a peep out of anyone anywhere! Must have been some sore heads hiding away under doonas, I guess? Gees... I haven't even had a drink since the middle of December! hahahahaa.

I've re-adjusted the bands' webpage as well... it was really hard emotionally (physically it was a no-brainer)... removing someone's 'presence' from the band this way is kinda very... final? It feels very strange, weird, disconcerting.

But I know much greater and better things will come out of it. I can't wait until Andrew starts playing with us now. The possibilities will be endless... oh, I know I've said that, but the fact that we'll all be 'stretched' as musicians by playing together will be the hugest breath of refreshing revitalizing fresh air into our psyches.

Bring it on.

I'd still like to record an album together, but yeah... that'll have to wait to see how we all feel about doing something like that together. Between you an me, it'll be a invigorating doddle for the three of us, now that Matt have removed his stressful childish insecurities out of the picture. Whew.

I miss Matt as a friend. While no-one is perfect and we've all got our own issues to journey thru, I think it'll be for the best in the long-term that I simply walk away from having him as part of my life. It'll be very freeing, but yeah - there is a sense of loss there for me, deeply. When you attempt to build into someones' life for 18 months in a fairly intense way, then then have it senselessly thrown all back at you like its worthless and meaningless, that's a biggie. But I'm feeling fine about it, really. In the end, it's his problem, not mine, and "that's all I have to say about that."

I've also been consciously and sub-consciously mulling-over the concept and approach I'll be taking to writing my next book, the autobiographical one specifically for my sons. It'll all come together well, I'm sure of it. When you have a passion with what you're doing, it makes it all so much easier to plan, approach and complete it more succinctly. I know it's gonna be no 'masterpiece', but it'll be from the heart, and that's all I want.

I'm gonna keep plodding-away with my 'pot boiler' romance novel as well this year (the one I put on the backburner about six months ago), just to have another little light-and-fluffy something to keep me going on the side. I've never really attempted some nice gooshy romance writing, so I'll 'give it a go' as a side-project. Because the two book writing projects will be different in tone and feel, it'll be easy to attempt the two at the same time. But the boys' book will obviously take a priority.

Oh... these aint my "New Years' resolutions' or anything like that... I'm just trying to keep some sense of focus about the next few months.

3,000+ years of theological philosophical debate - and the answer was right here with us stated so succinctly all along!!!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. the only resolution i have is to have a better year than the last!

  2. A sock you say? That explains why I always feel kind of odd about Him.

    I am a very lazy writer, I hope you have more self discipline than me. It's good to have goals though. My main one is to......oh God I'm too lazy to even have those! LOL
    Did you ever find out just what those bangs were early on NYD?

  3. I think reading between the lines you are still a bit sad about the way Matt behaved, even though you are coming to terms with it.

    I just wish you all the best for 2009 and hope the band goes well from now on.

  4. The only way to approach the start of any year is to just keep looking forard, I guess? Life gets in the way of the best-laid plans and intentions, huh?

    I think those bangs were the bogans blowing up garbage bins of the Mount on NYE, the stoopid buggers! it stopped about 2am, I think?

    Well spotted, Chris... of course i am very sad with Matt's response to his own decisions, but yeah... he's a big boy now, and he doesn't need to be treated like a prissy hissy schoolboy anymore by me. I'm very sad to see him go, to be honest. Catch-22.