Friday, 9 January 2009

Book 1

The autobiographical book I am writing for my boys is well-and-truly underway... I've got 48 pages of notes and rough outlines and sketches up and going ALREADY!

It's totally-random working title is "Wartful"... simply because I haven't caught a name for the project yet! Just something to name the files for now, you know?

Maybe I should blog about writing as well as everything else? Just a thought?
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. You should definitely blog about writing your autobiographical book. And in the book you must write about blogging, as blogging is part of your life and it's supposed to be autobiographical.

    I can't wait to read on your blog about how you write in your book about blogging about writing your book about blogging...

    Wait. Is this an endless loop?

  2. Yes, blog about blogging is a good idea. You can get a song out of that.

  3. tillerman I have a headache now! LOL
    Mal as I am doing the same thing (writing the book) I would love to swap notes with you here on how you're going, and any snags you might hit.
    One thing, although you already know this I'm sure, back it up! I have lost several starts at doing the project when the hard drive went pear shaped.
    In fact, I am now writing it in on Blogger, as you can't really lose it if it's on the web rather than on your computer.
    Goodness I'm typative today. :)

  4. Thank you thank you. The brain gears are really chugging away nicely, for the first time in a few years [I feel]. it's nice to have a positive headspace again.