Saturday, 27 December 2008

F Words?

more fail, owned and pwned pics and videos
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Wow Mal, Learning about 'fail' never looked so good or exciting--really. That's the most promising bookcover I think I've ever seen and it makes me excited to know everything I can about 'fail'.

    "Today children, for our first lesson, we are going to learn all about 'getting it wrong' and failing--wherein many a lesson be learned. Here be one of the inevitabilities of life on the planet. You will do a lot of this, especially for the next few years at school. Choose now children. You can be scarred for life by the ignominy of all that is associated with the 'f' word, or you can see it for the deep vein of knowledge that is is.

    Alas at my old school, Ravenswood the universally agreed upon subliminal messaging from the various Mistresses, was 'Win at all costs girls.'

    . . and no, I didn't get expelled.

  2. I called these bastards for the bunch of lying hypocrites they were by making the only protest I could as an eleven year old, by categorically,refusing to go back. Ever.

    Er.. Have a nice day.

    ((((((((((((warning warning))))))))))

  3. No thanks, I already have some.

  4. You can't beat a good selection of good "F" words really, can' you? Like:
    oh, and other assorted nonsense that pops into my head!