Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Despite having a really good breakfast (apple, banana, orange juice and wheet-bix), and even sitting in the glorious early-morning sun doodling on my old battered classical guitar, I'm still feeling a bit flat today. Not depressed as such, just a bit flat.

At least I have solved the riddle of our lighting rig failure on Saturday night's gig (well, not failure, as such... more-or-less a fading-away! lol). There must have been a power surge on the seperate lighting circuit, and it blew the bulb in the OHP. That's easily enough replaced... it's just finding access to a replacement bulb out here in 10 days or less, that's all... that'll be 'a challenge'!

I'm gonna take my new housemate for a drive around town later today, and show her where everything is. I've gotta take her for a lap of "the Mount", you know! lol.

Then I must pull-out the Xmas tree and lights... it's gotta be done. That might cheer me up a little... I hope so!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. That's so nice of you to take her around. very gentlemanly of you! ;)

  2. Twas no problemo. I'd like the same if I was moving to a new town. She was amazed at how BIG this little country town of 30,00o+ people actually is! heh heh.

  3. No Brock/Perkins stuff around the Mount now

  4. No sir! heh heh. She enjoyed having a look around tho.