Monday, 24 November 2008

Vocalist No

Matt, Julian and I have conversed and agreed together that Calvin is not going to work out with him as our vocalist.

Matt has literally just spoken to him, and he's fine and cool with that. No hard feelings or negativity or anything like that. Calvin's such a nice guy. He feels as tho the music we play is not really "him", and we appreciate where we're coming from.

I just wish he could have told us that yesterday! Would've sure saved me a restless nights' sleep and needless stress.

Sure it's frustrating and disappointing. But as soon as Matt rang and told me he'd spoken to him, I felt a huge weight fall away off my shoulders. It's all good.

Altho we're back to where we were a few weeks ago, still on the lookout for a suitable vocalist. We certainly know I sure can't keep doing it. That's what is holding us back in so many ways.

Now I've gotta go change the band website all over again! Pooh! lol. Oh well... "it's a fair cop!"*

We're planning on the three of us catching-up one weeknight this week, to really put it plainly to Matt... either work more effectively, or... we don't know what! The albums' not going to get completed if he keeps messing us around, like he has this week.

We had planned five times to get together to jam/rehearse acoustically the new material with Calvin this week. We got together once. Saturday, Matt didn't even bother to call me back as arranged.

Yes, I'm pretty frustrated.

I've spoken about it with Julian, and it's like this... we're just not sure how we're gonna get Matt to work on this album. It might be just Julian and myself, with contributions from other people we know. But that's not why we want to do this record. It's supposed to be a band project. But at this stage I simply cannot see how we're gonna work that out with Matt in the state he's in.

He's been like this for way over a year. Same thing, different excuse. I know I'm fed-up, and what's worse I know Julian's feeling the same way.

Matt's been going so well for the last few weeks and months too. It just seems... as soon as there's an expectation to get some constructive work done, the guy freezes up on us.

This is not something new. It's been an on-going problem for over a year.

We've had over a year to have "fun" together. We've all agreed together to a plan and a direction to get things moving so we can be a working live band writing and recording our own album.

Even tho he keeps saying over and over it's exactly what he wants to do, Matt just seems to keep stopping us from moving onwards.

OK OK, rant ends.

I'm actually feeling pretty happy, despite feeling pretty blergh most of the night.

I'm so excited for Julian and his wife, expecting their second child mid-year. They are such good parents, you know. Of course they have their moments (what new parents don't, huh?), but wow it's fantastic to be able to share his excitement with him.

I mean, I even had a dream about a new born baby last night! Changing nappies and all that! It was a fond, pleasant dream, that reinforced a whole lot of really positive memories of my own from those times.

Had to believe that my youngest son is turning 10 on Sunday!!!

* That's done and done, thank goodness. It didn't take that long, really. I also updated the news in the band forum.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. They say that being in a band is like being married; in your case to at least two possibly three other people. So er . . good luck with it all.

  2. Wow, thanks for posting! i only just posted this blog! heh heh.

    Both Julian and I appreciate that aspect of the importance of inter-relationships in a band. I guess it just hasn't clicked in Matt's mind yet? We'll walk delicately, to be sure.

    Mal :)

  3. It's important to get these things off your chest-that's why blogs are such a useful tool to vent emotions.