Monday, 3 November 2008

Random Factor

I've been tagged - and I've really no idea exactly what that means!

The gauntlet has been thrown down, and the challenge is to reveal six random things about yourself. As I dwell in an alternate random universe most of the time, this should be interesting, to say the least! What to share... what to share...?
  • It's a ten-minute stroll for me to walk into town from my place, right to all the shops and banks and everything. It's so conveniently handy. I love it. There's nothing quite like living in a country town. The car only gets used for those longer trips. I get to see all these great old country-style homes in their glory on the way.
  • I'm subconsciously not happy at all, really... as a result the weight keeps piling onto me, no matter what I seem to do or not do about it. "Does my butt look big in these trousers?" I hope the norty 'lower stomach' health issues I was having last year aint coming back again?
  • The stress, anxiety of my seperation/divorce 7 years ago caused some of my hair to fall out in clumps. No, seriously. There's still small bald patches, but they're easy to cover with all my long hair anyways! But I'm sure it's subconsciously why I wear a hat a lot.
  • Both my parents have passed away. I really miss hanging-out with my dad still, even after 10+ years.
  • I don't drink much alcohol at all on a "night out". I might have four drinks, that's about it. I enjoy bourbon, or a nice light white wine, maybe a beer, but yeah... don't drink much at all these days. When I was an older teenager tho... I was a 'piss-head'! heh heh.
  • I used to be a full-time christian missionary evangelist and churchworker... I bet that sounds like something out-of left field coming from me? I've walked away from all of that tho, for many and various reasons.
Errmmm... is that six? That'll do, pig... that'll do!

Out of the blue, we've stumbled across a local guy who wants to audition as a vocalist for the band. I'll meet him first (he's seen the webpage and knows what we do and where we're coming from etc etc), suss him out, then we can have a full-band audition. Julian (the drummer) is away on a South Seas Islands Cruise (oh yeah!!!) for fourteen days, so he'll be away for two rehearsals. Maybe this is the 'break' we need? I dunno. So yeah, when he gets back, we'll see how this vocalist goes and sounds. We can only try people out... no harm done.

Peas be with ewe

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