Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Polling Day Blues

If Obama doesn't win this, there's something wrong, certainly? I'm not saying he's better than the other, I'm just saying there's no way he could loose this.

My personal opinion is that "Party Politics" is a joke, and simply does not represent "The People" (ie, us), but the agendas of "The Party" (whomever they may be). Big Gelato Pooh to that!

One Man - One Vote? It doesn't work THAT way in "Democratic" USA. It is absolute bullshit that this is how it is. Democracy? USA? Nu uh. More Gelato Pooh to that as well.

Here in god's own country (ie. Australia), the actual physical process of voting usually takes a maximum of five minutes, if there isn't much of a queue. If you go later in the day, you are usually assured of getting in-and-out of the Polling Booth in like five minutes. No, seriously.

I usually pre-poll in the week-or-so before the election day. The last time I was in and out of there in four minutes. No, no exaggeration.

So, from what I've been seeing, watching, observing and been told by USA locals, it can takes like an HOUR waiting and then even more time to actually vote!

That's nuts. Seriously ferked-up.

No wonder USA voters aren't willing to turn up.

I think I said in a Plurk last night... if there was an hour-long queue on Polling Day, I'd take my guitar along and busk/street perform... I'd make an absolute motza* out of those poor buggers!

Here, at least - on any Election Day, you're guaranteed a feed, with the local P&C usually putting on a BBQ... at least you'll get a sassie sanga, and buy a plate of lamingtons. Makes it all worthwhile.

Melbourne Cup Day over here today... "The Race that Stops the Nation" they call it. Means nowt to moi. I don't even know who's running, and only know what time it starts as they mentioned it on the radio news this morning, as I was laying in bed, sunlight streaming thru the open window.

Random thought... even tho any messages that get posted get redirected so I can read 'em, I haven't actually checked my MySpace site in months. I just never got into MySpace or FaceBook or anything like that. What's the point? Isn't Blogging enough? I feel I'd just be repeating myself having all these different 'social' networking sites all over the place. There's no point for me.

What sites do you usually find you use the most? What sites did you join, excited about them at first, yet nowadays find yourself even forgetting your password to them, as you simply don't go there at all anymore?

*"Motza" : classic Strine expression means "a large amount, gained easily". Streuth, didn't you dingos know that one? Crikies, you flamin' galahs! Hahahahaaa.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Obama has to win! Or I am losing my faith with the government.
    Gas is starting to come down, now that Bush is almost out of here...go figure...we go from $4 something a gallon to $2.15 in the past week...what a better situation.

    Wish you could cast your vote online...things are just more simple that way.

    I just use my blog...I don't see the point of repeating myself over and over again.
    I do love reading everyones blog on a daily basis..I just wish I had more to talk about.

    Now i have learned a few "Aussie" words...

  2. Go Obama. The world stops turning if he loses! In answer to your question, Gherkin, we've got something called Friends Reunited over here. I joined when it started but haven't been near the place for ages. I'm a blogger.

  3. Yes, please...go Obama. I'm going to be off to the polls in about an hour.

  4. Actually, Mal - voting differs from State to State. Each state does their own way of voting. Here in Oregon - it is all "Mail-in" ballots. So, I just do it in the comfort of my own home.

    Plus - it isn't only the President we are voting for. There is tons of other crap too on the ballots - state election referendums. So, it takes longer than 5 minutes no matter what. Even if you go in knowing what you are going to vote for - it takes time to fill it all out.

  5. Well, Obama did win, and don't we all know it...and Christine Nixon resigns under the radar of Obama's win...but I noticed :)

  6. Thanks for your comments, good people.