Friday, 28 November 2008

HOW much...?!?

I was wondering why after two days I hadn't received any responses to my "Share Accommodation / Housemate Wanted" classified I put in the local paper. I thought I'd better physically check the local rag, just to make sure it actually went in...

No wonder no-one was calling... instead of "$105/week" they'd put it as "$150/week"!!!

They've now fixed it, and will run it another three days in two papers for no change.

Paige wouldnt've paid that! Made me laugh tho.

of the FUTURE as we KNOW IT!!!

You really MUST read and leave a comment at a new blogging friend, Daily Diatribe, alright? Pwease? Do it for me, awlrite? But do it for someone else. She feels an unloved and unwanted blogger! Encourage her. Bless yas!

I'm listening to the near-perfect jangly-melodic pop craftwork of Sixpence None the Richer's 1995 CD album, "This Beautiful Mess". A simply gorgeous listening experience. When I was doing live-to-air community radio back in 1995-96, I'd play tracks off this album during my two-hour how each week. I loved it then, and it still holds up. It's a lot different to what I'd normally listen to (who am I kidding? I listen to all sorts of weird eclectic music!), but beautiful to have on in the background to chilllax with.

Reading thru the band's Wiki-page, I noticed after this album they signed to Steve Taylor's record label (I've got the two albums after this one as well - love 'em, really). We did a tour with Steve Taylor back in the mid/late 1980's. He was an American Christian satirical musician/songwriter, who was an absolutely bundle of joyous boyish prankfulness, a really delightful bloke. We got on really well, and I really liked the music he and his band were playing.

However, mainstream 'churchianity' could not cope with the concept of Christian Satire, and mercilessly panned him. He got to a point where he totally walked-away from writing and recording, and concentrated on producing other artists (like these guys, obviously).

I saw this happen more and more to seriously talented and gifted bands and artists, playing the Christian circuits, who were mercilessly bagged until they simply walked away from it all. What a terrible loss.

We were one of them, as well.

Our guitarist still keeps in touch casually with Steve Taylor these days. He's just that sorta nice bloke you feel all the better for when you hang around with him.

... unlike some of those ferking hypocritical asshat 'churchians'! Grrr!

Oh, I just rediscovered some more old scanned photos of old bands I used to be in. Take a look and have a laff!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Good luck with the house-mate, always an interesting thing to do.

  2. I do hope you find a suitable house mate!

    DD is a good writer and I enjoyed her post.
    I had a look at the old photos, they must bring back a mixture of memories for you.

  3. I hope you get enough responses to the ad, now, that you will be able to choose a good house-mate!

  4. We've needed to do a few adds in our time, they so often get it wrong...always CHECK straight away, they can email you a proof as well.