Saturday, 22 November 2008


Where did that week go to? It's been a positive one, just... what happened while my back was turned? heh heh.

I'm amazed at the turn-around in Calvin's vocal delivery. In just a week he's gone from a whispering lifeless voice, to someone who stands up and sings with clarity, purpose and passion.

'Bout bloody time. We'll see how he goes at tomorrow's practice. It should be a good 'un tho.

Matt took a bad turn mid-week. It's Catch-22... he's been referred to and is seeing the same psychiatrist as I am... but I cannot tell him that! hahahahaaa. It's nice to be a listening pair of ears for a change.

The thematic ideas are flowing for me for this new album already. Lots of lyrical and musical ideas and themes are poppin-up nicely lately. I know we're just a noisy dirty rock'n'roll band, but it's still nice to think a bigger picture of the overall concept of the pieces.
Now it's just the minor matter of selling 'em to Matt! Julian'll love it, but I always feel as tho I have to push and push and push to get Matt to try anything that's new. Sigh. I honestly don't know where he think original songs and ideas come from! Anyways, we'll get there.

Healthwise I'm feeling OK. Not as bloated, but it's just a day-by-day thing for a while. It's no biggie. It was nice to be able to go shopping and find some good bargains for some healthy food. Catch-22 trying to eat well, isn't it? Good food costs a whole lot more...

Mentally I'm feeling quite alright... I rarely get that overwhelming "I'm about to get swamped" feeling lately. Thank ferk for that!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I will have to get myself a copy of your CD...every time I visit here I think that and then i forget....

    re the bloating...
    seriously cut out wheat of you can...not just for the gluten but there is a component of wheat which lots have reactions to. You can buy Mountain bread (wraps) in Rice. corn brad etc etc and also rice/corn thing cakes...this totslly got rid of bloating for me...worth a shot...or maybe its different foods for you.

  2. Have you figured out what's causing the bloating? And how is the new guy working out?

  3. Glad it sounds like there's improvement in your vocalist.

    Enjoy your weekend. Stay away from salty foods and frozen foods that have more sodium than you'd think. That can make you bloated.

  4. I hate that good food is more expensive than the junk. but of course - who is going to buy expensive potato chips? Those companies have us over a barrel.

  5. Eating healthily can seem first. I was feeling the pinch the first week of my diet as it seemed as if the extra fruit and veg was going to bankrupt us. Then I stopped buying all the other "extras" we used to eat - like the cake and the biscuits - as no-one was eating them and the food bill settled down and I found we even saved some. If you've started to eat more whole foods you may keep the bloated feeling for a bit longer until your body gets used to the extra fibre. Ask me how I know...:D

  6. Thank you so much. Bloating? One day at a time. I appreciate all your comments, i do :)

    Mal :)