Saturday, 18 October 2008


This weekend has been - so far - the best weekend of the whole year for me!

That's not some manic upswing speaking there, either.

I spent most of today with my youngest two sons (JD was working), and we had an absolute ball together. Not a sad face was seen all day by anyone.

I can devote pages talking about today, but I'll do it tomorrow, after band rehearsal. It's all good. :)

Oh Paige, you have no idea how refreshing days like today are for a tired old soul like mine.

Some darn good photos to follow shortly.

Tonight I'm enjoying:
U2 - Zooropa

I just want to sincerely thank all you good people who've posted comments here. Thank you so much.
more animals
Peas be with ewe

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  1. That's one of the cutest LOLcats I've seen in awhile :)

  2. "This weekend has been - so far - the best weekend of the whole year for me!"

    Great news! And you've still got Sunday to enjoy yet :)

  3. Super Mal! Can't wait to read abou it!

  4. So glad your enjoying your weekend. Sounds like the perfect combination of events.

    Thank you for comments too. I love the kitty photo, make me smile.

  5. Just the medicine you needed seeing your sons hey Mal! Glad to hear that your coming out of the depression and getting on with a great life! Im LOVIN the sounds Ive heard from your band! Hope you guys find another singer to join your group. Sounds like things are looking great for the band. Im praying for it!

  6. Thanks, good people! It was a good weekend - just makes me realise I have to write about my Saturday, now! D'oh! lol.

    "Coming out-of depression"... it's not something I'll ever be 'rid' of, unfortunately, it's just how I react and cope to any given situation on any given day. Tis why I'm unable to hold a 'normal 9-to-5' job thesedays, sadly.