Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Snow? In Australia? YES!

Oh yes, it does actually snow here in rural Australia most winters. Despite seven years of drought, we still manage a good dump (of white stuff, that is!) once or twice a season out this way.

We're really too low here in town to receive proper 'snow'... the easiest way to describe this stuff in these pics is large flakes of "frozen rain"... not snow, not sleet, not hail! The higher countryside was blanketed with the real stuff tho later that night.

These were taken from Matt's back balcony (by Matt - thank you!), looking back across over town, on 22nd August 2008, a few weeks ago now. It just fell and fell and fell for about 45 minutes! Apparently this fall was extremely localised... a few miles away they didn't even get any rain or anything!

The only photos *I* managed to capture of the event was of snow all over my car, but sitting at home safely in my garage... after driving thru it all, the roads all white and icy...

Of course, the tow-truck operators have a field-day in conditions like this. Why, just on the corner near my place, I gingerly drove past a lady who'd obviously hadn't "driven to the conditions", and had slid straight into the curb. One flat tire and crunched wheel-rim! The miraculous out-of-nowhere tow-truck was already hooking her up as I drove past.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Doncha just love living in rural NSW? We apparently got "snow" too according to the local Junee paper. Looked more like someone had emptied their ice bucket when it was too full.
    Better not frost again, I just bought vegie seedlings!

  2. don't worry won't be long and I will be in heaps of snow and i will be reading about your sailing and others summer activities. It's already starting to get a bit chilly here.

  3. That's more than we get in London!

  4. That snow actually looks pleasing considering its something like 67 degrees at 6:30 in the morning here in Pennsylvania.

  5. Wow...I wish I lived inland...sigh... but I love my home as well here near the coast.