Friday, 26 September 2008

Bounce Some Thoughts

It's funny... the residue still lingers. While one one hand I'm feeling quite bright, chipper and happily thoughtful, there's another part of me who feels scared to even walk out the door this morning. I wish I could explain it... all I know is how frustrating the illogical irrationality of it all is.

I had a listen thru of the stuff The Night Before recorded last Sunday. Some of it is rather good, even if I do say so myself. I didn't remix anything, as I'm in two minds how to approach it at the moment. I really need to bounce some thoughts off Julian (the drummer) first, before I attempt another mix of our stuff. He's just got another perspective, which is always refreshing and really helpful for things like this.

I've also finally figured out how to do a RSS feed for the band webpage as well... I though it'd be easy, but alas... the beauty of trial-and-error web design ;)

Last week Matt lent me an autobiography of one of the guitarists from Guns n' Roses. Slash's story is one of rock'n'roll excess and plain stoopidity, that makes some of Keith Richard's stories pale into insignificance. Needless to say, his goings-on do not inspire or encourage me in any way, thank gawd! I appreciate some of Guns' stuff (as a bassplayer, they had a great tight rhythm section)... but that's about it. I'm definitely not a fan or an admirer of that type of music nor of that lifestyle, thank you very much.

Right! I'm off! Jumping into the shower, a quick shave and into the glorious sun shine. Cyalayta.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Yayyy sun shine, thats the key!!!

  2. I thought that Slash book was rubbish really. I am sooooo sick of rock stars adn their idiotic addictions. Uncool.

  3. Have a positive, sunshiny day :)

  4. Hiya and thanks for your comments. It's all good. The sunshine today has been glorious, as has been the sunshine in my spirit. 'Bout bleedin' time!