Monday, 25 August 2008

Four Strings

I've just posted a comment in reply to GRG's great, hilarious and memory-invoking post on her great blog.
I have vivid recollections of standing in front of the big mirror in my old bedroom as an c.11-yo, with a four-stringed battered-old tennis racquet, playing along to all my brothers' old Beatles records! I literally grew-up listening to "A Hard Days' Night"! lol

Why a four-stringed tennis racquet? Well, I'd noticed Paul McCartney played a four-stringed guitar, so... little did I know what a bass guitar was in those days! heh heh.

It's amazing the things our parents would do to encourage and enthuse us along the way. (Mine used to come to some of my big, loud, crowded, smokey gigs sometimes, despite probably feeling way out-of-it, they'd still make the effort to step way out of their comfort zones. Bless 'em!). Gotta luv mum and dads. I know I still really miss mine.

Dad's been gone over 12 years already. Mum's been gone over 3 years already as well. Time has slipped away quickly, but not a day goes past that I don't think about them, or wish I could just drop-in for a cuppa [oh $#it... I just burst into tears...!!!].

My only brother is down this week, visiting from Cairns (he didn't come down last month... I got my months and dates totally muddled... how embarrassing!) We'll be catching-up on Tuesday. That should be positive, as we haven't physically seen each other for about six months or so.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I bet your parents were so proud of you and would have been delighted to offer you all the support they could. It's sad they can't see what you are doing now.