Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Complex $#it

Here's the story taken straight from Barista... I'd heard about this the other day, but now having finally seen an actual photo of the offending item... I fell off my chair laughing!!! Ouch...

"... This piece of art by Paul McCarthy (not that one, silly) is a giant inflatable dog turd. called “Complex Shit”, although it doesn’t seem all that convoluted compared to some of the stuff you find on the average pavement. As the world’s papers have reported with delight, it escaped from its Swiss home in a sudden gust of wind, flew 200 metres through the air, brought down a powerline and broke the window of a nearby children’s home where it came to rest.

In my infantile way, I am a bit disappointed by an American artist who can design this huge thing but not take the trouble to install some kind of gas apparatus so that it seems to steam, as a turd freshly laid on the grass by a six story dog would undoubtedly do..."

"ART"... ?!?

Say no more!

Glad to see there's still a sense of humour to be found in post-modernist 'art'.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. That's a turd?lol...i thought it was a few hippos tipped

    well art is in the eye of the

  2. LMAO holly flying dog poop, haha. Well, I see a fair bit of it on my ride around the river every makes me mad when I see it all, because someone is very very lazy not to dispose of their doggies poop, like I do when I take my Bondi for walks.

    Thanks for the laugh :)

  3. I agree with caroline, it doesn't look at all like poop to me :)

    Happy Hump Day!