Monday, 21 July 2008

Baked a Cake

"I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake, baked a cake, baked a cake..."

My brother is dropping in for a little while tomorrow. He's down from Cairns for the week, staying with family in the Blue Mountains, so he's making a day of catching up with the boys and I tomorrow. Yay!

And yes... I did bake a cake! First time in ages, mind you...

Yesterday's rehearsal went really smoothly... was officially our first as just a three-piece combo, and worked like a charm, seriously. Worked thru about fifteen songs together, including arrangements and structures, and enjoyed a great laugh together along the way. Came together like magic... I'm really relieved.

I used my spare 4-string bass instead of my usual 5-string ones... a change is as good as a holiday, or something like that... needless to say, it still feels like a dream to play, considering it's just a relative cheapie.

My 'task' this week is to find us somewhere about town to use as a suitable rehearsal space. Playing in Julian's garage has always been a temporary situation, so I'll hunt around and make lots of inquiries about some more practical place.

If this was a big city, there'd be plenty of band rehearsal rooms all over the place. But not here. They simply don't exist here. So hopefully, we'll be able to find an empty old hall, or some warehouse space, or a friend-of-a-friends' out-of-hours factory blah blah blah.

Fingers, toes and whatsits crossed.

Plus I'm trying to kick the Black Dog back under the house again this arvo... getting there, albeit slowly.

Tis a bastard of a thing...

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