Friday, 23 May 2008

Bach and Liszt

I'm not a Roman Catholic (obviously), nor have I ever been. I'd call myself a "Spiritual Humanist" these days, if anything at all. I belong to "The Church of the Withered Fig", that's about it!

(PS. The "COWF" page hasn't been updated in about 18 months. The forum, which had a TON of stuff, got deleted due to inactivity about 18 months ago. Pooh. Oh well. Not to worry).

15 years of Evangelical Protestantism, including three years of Bible College, seem like a dim strange distant dream from another time these days. And that's fine. Live and learn.

Maybe it's we who are the aliens? Oooohhhhh...

Right now I'm listening to JS Bach playing piano... well not Bach himself, as he's ... ahem... unavailable right now... but this is a beautiful double-CD borrowed from the local library all the same. "The Well- Tempered Clavier" (Das Wohltemperirte Clavier), played gorgeously by Fredrich Gulda.

Last night it was listening to some mildly-tempered Liszt piano stuff. Something totally different, for me.

And loving it.

Not that I can play anything at all like those guys... not in anyone's wildest imagination. I'm not a piano player these days... I just hammer out triads, that's all, I swear! It's just nice relaxing, and thought-provoking music for me to enjoy.

Matt has the week off. He's been bragging for about two weeks upto now - six days off in a row. "Let's get together every day, and play, practise, record, and get that new stuff we did the other day down pat...", he informs me enthusiastically.

Yes, absolutely, let's do it. Time to knuckle down, I tell him enthusiastically.

It's now the forth day, and have I heard anything from him at all? Returned messages or calls?


And I'm not expecting him to, to be honest. Tis typical. And fairly frustrating, to say the least.

Time to keep my distance from him, as I'm pretty damn sure drugs are now part of his lifestyle. I'll be keeping a W-I-D-E berth from him, believe me.

I need that sorta crap like I need etc etc etc.

Like I've said previously, if it weren't for the fact that we're just a handful of older guys playing in a band for a bit of fun, I'd kick his arse out. He'd be fired. But it's not my call, even tho he's close to being asked not to come back.

That's hard, when it was kinda him that got us all together in the first place.

A nice bloke. But a time-waster.
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  1. You can't change the world...people are gonna do what they want...and if they are doing drugs ...they are going to do all the wrong things...If i were you i would keep a distance also...
    take care mate :)

  2. And on the flip side you also have to consider that not everybody is like you (me/we) and that sometimes a bit of understanding is called for. After all, do you not seek such understanding for yourself? Let he who casts the first stone... oh, I'll get me coat...