Saturday, 19 April 2008

Mt Panorama - 70 Years Young

Australia's best motor racing circuit, Mt Panorama (almost in my backyard here) is celebrating 70 years as a venue for different forms of motor sport.

Mind you, motor racing and fast cars are not exactly my own personal cup of tea.

If you live in this town, you don't have much choice as to be aware of whats going on!

It's interesting how a simple racetrack helps give an inland 'city' so much of its identity and feel.

What's hilarious is that for 360 days of the year, it's a normal local road, complete with local residents. taking visitors for a "Lap of the Mount" (a must-do if visiting) is a funny experience... they anticipate... I'm not sure what, but they're half-way around the actual circuit before they realise they're on it! I guess it's our local thing to do.

I know my sons love going up there, if there's an event on or not. Often they go scrounging thru the scrub beside the track to see if they can find some sort of debris left-over from a crash or something. Once they found like a fiberglass panel off a car that'd obviously been shorn-off in some high-speed mingle. Needless to say, they quickly souvineered that.

Or we go climbing over those huge white letters on the side of the giant hill that is The Mount. It's really just made of tons of small white rocks, laid-out god-knows-when.

The other thing about The Mount is the views of the surrounding region. You can literally see for miles.

Tis a great place to go kite flying. I have two small kites living in the boot (trunk) of my car, that'll come out when the wind is up and steady. So clear and steady, up there a couple of hundred meters above the surrounding countryside. Yay!

Many things take place up there... mind you, I proposed to the boys mum up there as well... mind you, it was freezing cold that early evening... she quickly said yes and told me to get back in the bloody car, it's too bloody cold outside! hahahahahaaaa. Fun memories.

Oh, I haven't been able to catch my housemate yet... he's been in-and-out all hours. But he knows what's about to go down. I've simply got to get him to leave. I just haven't been able to pin him down long enough to tell him. Six weeks, that's it. That's more than fair.

I could list all the simply stoopid things he does (and doesn't) do around here. But in the end... I simply don't trust him living here. I don't feel... 'safe' (for want of a better word?)

As someone said just last night - so long as I'm happy... but yeah - he's got to go. I'm not at all comfortable with him being here anymore.

Makes it hard. It's impossible comparing anyone with my previous housemate - she was practically perfect to share a place with. But yeah... I don't want or need the hassle of having to find a new reliable housemate, but I've simply got to bite the bullet and do it.

He's just young, binge-drinks, and has no sense of responsibility or respect for someone elses' personal space and property yet. Sheesh, I grew out of that like 25 years ago. I've been more than tolerant for the past eight months, for him and his drunken noisy mates.

But enough is enough.

The things that'll bug me the most is... i) he won't appreciate that there even is a 'problem' (despite talking with him a lot about household stuff over the last eight months), and ii) he simply won't give a stuff. Let's hope he doesn't go nuts and do something stoopid in the next few weeks, god forbid.

That's what you get, attempting to share your home with someone who finds it 'normal' to stick their head in a rugby scrum... o.O

I'm not "OK" really, but I'm travelling OK. Functioning at about a 4. :)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. you gotta do what's right for you...take care...and be safe.

  2. Don and I made kites long long ago...sigh. He loved to get the little kids outside doing this stuff...and even after his accident he'd direct them... his favourite before was his model aeroplane... I got to hold it , aero fuel spraying my face while he was on the string end...

    re the flat mate...he's no mate...
    he'll find somewhere else, maybe with one of his bingey mates...

  3. Thank you, M'Ladies :). If it weren't so bleak outside, today would have been great kite weather... even if we'd been blown clear across the country! hahahaa.

    Oh, he's no 'mate' - he's a bogan yobbo. He's best out of here. He's using this place (and me) as his private hotel. Bugger that.

    Mal :)

  4. Hey MAl, that's the actuak Bathhurst Circuit right? Yes it's quite famous. I know every virtual inch of it thanks to a one time obsession with PS2 TOCA Touuring Cars and Bathhurst was always teh best of teh races for me because of its wonderful uphill, and downhill flat out straights. I'd love one day to visit that track for real. Where is it geographicaly speaking Mal?

  5. Mt Panorama is located just outside of Bathurst, 200kms / 120 miles west of Sydney in NSW.
    Mal :)