Wednesday, 23 April 2008

It Begins

Well, I've told him. He actually seemed to take it well. But we'll have to see how he goes in the next few weeks as he sorts himself out and finds himself a new place. I'm expecting some more drunken charades from him, unfortunately. Fingers crossed he'll find somewhere to move into quickly and get the heck out of here, out of my face.


Matt rang me tonight... he wasn't quite drunken and raving nonsensically, but getting close. Poor bastard... seems no matter what he does, he just cannot make his father happy. His parents came back the other day, and Matt left their place spotless - he was house-sitting while they were away. And it was spotless - I know, I helped him clean and tidy-up (not that there was much to do, really). But yeah, his dad still found something to complain to him about, despite all the care and attention Matt had spent looking after the place for them. Yeah, so Matt wasn't too happy about it all. Yeah, sometimes it's good to be a pair of listening ears sometimes. Makes a nice change.

The Olympic Torch relay hits Australia tomorrow, down in Canberra. I've no idea how demonstrators and security will evolve.

I don't know much, but I know it's a positive thing to keep this issue in the world spotlight. Altho I'd much prefer non-violent means of getting their message across.

They're keeping the general public a long way away from the actual flame as it goes past. What a shame. Back in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics, my sons and I literally stood within 6 feet of a torch baton handover - we watched it all literally right in front of our face - and it was just on the side of a public road right here in own home town! A real life-time memory.

Mind you... the boys (being 8 years younger way back then... Alex was still crawling!) the boys seemed much more excited to see the Police Harley Davidson motorbikes in support up close and personal! hahahaha. Boys will be boys. (smiles happily)

How times change. Bugger.

Winter arrives... we've had some frosts already, and a weeks-worth of overcast windy days didn't bring any promised rain (apart from a few hopeful drops). The extra bed-blankets' made it's first appearance, and it may be time to start digging around for the bot water hottle... erm, that is the hot water bottle. I haven't pulled out the ugh boots yet... but they won't be far off. Oh, don't panic, I would never wear them out of the confines of my own house!

I may be old and senile, but I'm not stoopid! hahahahaaa.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I hope your room mate makes a quick exit. You don't need added stress.
    Take care Mal.

  2. I'm really sad about people protesting the Olympic flame. If they wanted to protest about Tibet and China - then I think there are different ways to do it, like stop buying Chinese made products and protesting outside their embassies.

    But the Olympic Flame represents something that should transgress that, I think. It breaks my heart.

  3. Too bad you have to deal with a bonehead.