Monday, 17 March 2008


The last of the rent money has been returned alright. He 'borrowed' it - I knew he'd pay me back and all that.

But that's not the point.

He's been very quiet and remorseful. Just as bloody well!

He's basically had two warnings from me now. Next time he steps over the line, he's out the door.

It sux being a soft-heart sometimes. But yeah... I don't really want the hassle of the whole rigmarole of finding a new housemate.

And, oh yeah - if I could afford to live in this place on my own, I certainly would.

Had lunch with Matt today, and de-briefed after yesterday's Box of Sox rehearsal. It took us three goes to find somewhere that was even open for lunch on a Monday, let alone St Patrick's Day! We ended up at the Family, where they serve the tastiest "Workmans' Lunch" for just $10. I ended up having a mixed grill and salad... absolutely scrummy stuff.

Yeah, Box of Sox is going really well together. We were supposed to have an "audition" for our first gig, but the bloke was delayed on the Blue Mountains. Not to worry - he's gonna pay us a deposit tomorrow! How's that?! heh heh. Plus we have two more private functions lined up for the next 2 months already. So yeah, it's slowly coming together for us. we're just happy to have somewhere to play.

Plus having a different, tight, clean and clear room to play in has been brilliant for us. We're really able to listen and play off each other. Mind you, taking a break mid-afternoon, sitting on a wrap-around verandah, eating grapes and strawberries together seemed totally decadent to me - and loving it!

And we even made a ruff live recording of a lot of yesterday too. I'll edit a little bit of it and upload it.

Basically, I can see us starting to move away from covers and start trying some original ideas together shortly. But one step at a time.
I was supposed to go out to the Sailing Club on both Saturday and tomorrow, to pour and lay the concrete floor for the Sailability boatshed floor. But the concreter, who is donating his time (and gave us a 40% discount on the concrete!!! wOOt!) can't make it tomorrow either... so we're slated for Wednesday now. All the formwork and mesh and all that is already done... just the actual pouring needs to be completed. So yeah... fingers' crossed that Wednesday is not a stinking hot day. Thankfully we'll be working indoors and under cover!

It's been interesting going back on the very-mild anti-depressants again. It usually takes about two weeks for me to kinda find a balance again... during that time, like at the moment, I'm basically just feeling really sleepy-tired! But yeah, after about two weeks, I'd never even know I was taking them. It's just what happens. Basically, there's no other side-effects whatsoever with this one I'm on.
It's all good.

Aint it always the way? Just as I find and start enjoying a fellow blogger's journey, they up stumps and move on!

MsAnnThorpe, thanks for your entertaining style and personal inspirational insights.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. glad you got your money back..can't wait to hear your band.

  2. Yay for getting your cash back and LOL at the LOL chicken!