Sunday, 17 February 2008

More Sox, Please!

Here's pics of a radiantly-happy me, playing my spare (back-up) bass guitar, at our 'garage' band rehearsal this afternoon.

Yes, that's a genuine smile there... no poses! heh heh

Yes, our Box on Sox rehearsal this arvo - the first time with all five of us there at once - went off like a dream. Really positive playing together. I mean, really positive. Twas the first time Mick and Eddie had actually met each other, let alone played together... the 'grand experiment' worked amazingly! We were swapping instruments, playing all sorts of great grooves and interesting soundscapes together. Plus Eddie and Mick singing together is just... wow! Check out some pics of the guys, and the "interesting" space we're currently rehearsing in!

Come March, we should be in a large house just outside of town, where we can rehearse with some more space and freedom. Plus there we'll start doing some recording...

I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with Mr Hoon on Tuesday. We're going out to the Sailing Club (first time in about two months for me - that surprises even me to realise that!) to prepare the Sailability boats for the following weekends' State Regatta. Then he's invited me back to his place for lunch. We haven't sat down and just had a good ol' chat for a while. I miss hanging out with Mr Hoon!

We sure get some amazing storms come through here... remember those pics I took just last weekend, of the boys and I sitting atop Mt Panorama, watching the car races? Well, check this one out... same place...
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I was wondering when we would see a pic of you playing your guitar.
    You look very happy!
    Can't wait to hear about your sailing with Mr. Hoon. I already know your going to have a good time. 1) because your sailing and 2) your with your friend.
    The pic of the storm is amazing...

  2. Thanks! It's not easy taking a photo of yourself when you're the one taking all the photos! heh heh. I asked Julian, the drummer, to take a few of me for me... I haven't seen myself play in 18 years either... that's (I think?) the last time I saw myself playing at a gig that'd been video'd...

    Yes yes, the Sailability will be a positive experience... let's just hope and keep our fingers, knees and everything else crossed that there won't be a weed problem in that particular lake this coming weekend... that would make things rather... erm... awkward for everyone! Taking handicapped people out sailing is fun, but you don't need things like weed clogging everything underneath your boat and make it perform like a slug, to lessen the effect of a day out on the water for a client. Whatever happens, it'll be a good day.

    Oh yes... we get some pretty darn good storms come thru here... almighty CRACKS in the middle of the night!

    Mal :)