Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Box of Sox

I'm 95% sure I'll be buying one of these things in the next few days... then my music expenses will stop for a long while! heh heh

BOSS BR-1200CD Digital Recording Studio

One of these thingies:

(But with an internal CD)

Oh, and at the moment, the 'working name'
for the band is "Box of Sox"! What say you?

So... anyone wanna know why I've been so down lately? Or why I felt like Sunday evening was such a trough? And nope, it's got absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day, or anything like that. Tis just another day for moi.

Pic courtesy of Axe Victim.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. OMG that last cartoon! I like the name Box of Sox too :)

  2. Holy Shit! That's a nice looking piece of equipment.

    If you don't cheer up soon, you'll have to call yourselves Box of Crap.

  3. I like the name also.
    I hope that the new gadget helps with your band success.