Monday, 17 December 2007

Rain? Where?

After all the rain we had dump on our heads yesterday, you'd think that...

I was out at the dam again today, helping dry out all the sails and life jackets and everything. It was dry on the ground. I mean, there was dust rising on the road! Yesterday it was mud and running water!

Just shows how DRY it really is still, despite all the storms and showers we've been having over the past month-or-so.

I still love it out there. The added bonus was the opportunity to hang out with Mr Hoon again for a few hours. just pottering about, really. Taking it easy, enjoying the sunshine, and each others company. I love him like a brother, you know? He's... we just have a great camaraderie and comradeship these days. I don't let many people get too close to me these days (and that's a story in itself! heh heh), but he's been one of them. I've shared stuff with him in the past year, that I haven't shared with anyone else in like seven years. So, it's a special friendship. I really appreciate it.

He's had what he described yesterday as "the worst year of his life"! Things have been happening to him and his family that... well... why does all the bad stuff happen to such good people? I don't get it. They simply don't deserve the things that have been happening to and around them. So, it's been good to be there for him as well, just being a friendly ear when he's needed some personal time-out. And lots of cups of tea as well, heh heh.

There's something medicinal/soothing... I dunno what the word is... about being out at the dam somedays. It's like all the weight and pressures of stresses and stuff you think about kinda just evaporate for a while. It's a refreshing place, even when you're working. Maybe it's just the whole sky and the fresh air, or being near the water. I dunno what it is. But I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to spend some quality time at a place such as that.

I'll have to take a photo of our Xmas "tree" here at home... [cough]... it just doesn't feel like Xmas to me this year. Not in a "Scrooge-ish" way. I... I dunno... just can't kinda get into the swing of the whole festive season this year. For no specific reason, really either.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I'll take lots of rain instead of all this snow that we just got dumped

    It's going to be a white christmas :)

  2. White Xmas? That's pretty special. We're gonna have heat, flies and BBQs! That's a typical Aussie Xmas.
    Mal :)