Saturday, 29 December 2007

Flickr Photos

Whew! I've just made the time to sort through my Flickr photo albums online. They were a real mess! Ever since they were all automatically uploaded directly from my old Yahoo photo album, they've been pretty messy. Wrong labels, titles, dates even!

So yeah, my Flickr photos are all sorted at long last, and from here on in it'll be easier for me to put things where I want them! Yay! \o/

I've been trying a few different photo hosting sites over the years. Some have failed miserably, some are inconsistent, but in the end I've found, for me, Flickr does everything I need it to do.

This whole Blogging and online photo thing has been all trial-and-error for me... a 3 1/2-year ongoing experiment!

Oh yeah, I also uploaded a whole lot of Australian rural bush views from around here. Enjoy. It still blows my mind sometimes when I stop and realise what a gorgeous part of the world I live in. I love it out here. I really do. After growing up in the insanity, crowds and endless-business of the big-bad-city... this is like heaven!

Guess who's going out sailing at Ben Chifley Dam with Mr Hoon tomorrow...?!? wOOt. It'll be his first time out in his new trailer sailor... so we can potter about on the water together!

He's suggested we go up-river, I tie my Laser up on the back, and we sit at anchor somewhere quiet and have a cup of tea! hahahaha! Delicious!

I just need to quickly repair a fraying hiking strap before I take my little boat out again. I'm not planning on hiking out and finding myself head-first in the water after a simple gear failure! Gagh!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I love flickr. Im slowly working to get all my photos from the past few years over there.

  2. Just started scanning all my old pics and stuff from the albums before heading away. There's a bit to get through, mainly old stuff. Not much in recent times though. One day I might get inspired to post them on flickr as well.

    By the way, Patterson's curse is still alive and well up north. Old weeds surely die hard!