Thursday, 27 December 2007

Boys Xmas Eve 2007

Only a few taken at Ben Chifley Dams' new playground, Xmas Eve 2007.

The local council have finally gotten their act together and installed a really child-friendly playground with groovy equipment, under a gigantic shadecloth, out beside the water out at the local dam. It's only taken them seven years!

JD, aged 14 1/2. He's so tall lately!

SJ, aged 11

SJ looking particularly photogenic this day.


Ix, aged 9, was just too busy to bother with the camera today!

Ix putting his best face forward? heh heh

We did the whole "Unwrapping of Pressies" thing atop Mt Panorama. It's kinda a 'tradition-by-default' for the boys and I, over the last few years.

Yeah, it was a good day, but not what I'd call a great day. It wasn't sad or anything negative, I just don't think any of us were really feeling "Xmassy" that day. Just the toss of the coin. Some days are better than others.

It sux being a divorced dad. Big time.
Peas be with ewe

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