Saturday, 13 October 2007

OK Computer

I knew I would "get it" eventually...

I downloaded Radiohead's music CD "OK Computer" about 6+ months ago, because I'd heard SO many people rave about it... the best album since etc etc etc. Comparisons to The Beatles "Revolver" put me at unease straight away (being the one-eyed Beatleholic that I am, naturally! heh heh).

Now, although I've played it on and off for the last 6-ish months, I have not been able to get into it. It just didn't do anything for me. I appreciated the great sound production and all the technical side of it. But overall I didn't feel I wanted to rave away about it.

But, I knew that someday, one day, it would suddenly fall into place for me. And this afternoon, while it's on in the background, it suddenly clicked. OK, so I'm not gonna rave about it, call it the greatest album since etc etc. But out of the blue - it clicked, and I really appreciated what those guys were trying to do sonically structure-wise with this great album.
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I guess it just took me a long time to get past the sound of the guys voice... I don't really listen to a lot of this type of contemporary rock music. So it was kinda like a bolt from the blue when I slipped it on today, and all of a sudden it was like, "Hey, this is really GOOD!"

I guess it's a bit like that old 60's British group, The Kinks. It took me forever to get past the nasal whine of Ray Davies' voice. Nowdays I really love The Kinks middle-period stuff (like Village Green, etc). So, the more this Radiohead album plays, the more I kinda smile to myself, mentally acknowledging why people seem to rave about it so much.

It's a goodie... and yeah it's like a late 90's sonic-attempt to "do a Revolver" [smiles happily], but that's not for me to stand here and force you all to go out and get it for yourselves either! It took me months for it to gel for me, so I guess this stuff is an 'acquired taste'.

Gees... the last time I started raving about any kinda CD on mah blog was The Finn Bros album released a few years ago, "Everyone Is Here"... now THAT'S more my kinda melancholic melodicly-harmonious jingle-jangle pop!!!

And yes... music remains a very large part of my psyche still. Yay me. [smiles contentedly].
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I love the Kinks! And you can download the new Radiohead album from their website, and pay them whatever you think it's worth by Paypal. Very cutting edge...

  2. Good album review TG, really liked your honesty rather than how some people blather away about how 'cool' it is to like something. Let's hear more reviews about other contemporary albums you've been turned onto? And maybe a few classics from your collection eh?