Saturday, 22 September 2007

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I've had a good week... nothing outrageous in retrospect. I'm sitting here thinking... what made this week a "good" week for me? All-in-all, it would have to be the roll-on effect of having a sensationally fantastic time with my boys on Sunday.

We watched a fun silly film, "Surf's Up", and then we just went to a local park, and hung out and goofed about for about three hours. It was just a really positive re-energizing time for me, and a fun relaxing time for them too. They never managed to get me up that giant climbing thing tho - but they sure did try! Yeah, spending positive time with the boys (well, it's always positive... it's just my state/frame-of-mind to it sometimes that makes it, for me, a lesser experience; it's never them) always kinda recharges and energizes my soul in some indescribable way.

And yes, I took some really good photos this time. Of course, they're still on the camera card, aint they? Hopefully I'll get them off and upload them in the next couple of days.

I've spend time with Mr Hoon from the sailing club three times this week. It wasn't a conscious thing, it just panned out that way. I always enjoy hanging out with him. He's a good friend. he's still going thru hell with a family situation that is just, well, as a dad it's tearing him up inside. I'm glad he feels as tho he can talk to me about things - even his feelings! (Gasp!). yes, it's a good friendship. Sometimes I do find it hard to listen to him, because a lot of the pain he's feeling, and the experience he's going thru, I kinda really appreciate where he's coming from, and it's hard for me emotionally. So yeah, normally I would have been bought down quite low emotionally after a week of spending time with him (not his fault at all! It's just my emotional response trying to cope and deal with it all), but it's been quite a fine week for me inside myself. Yeah, I'm still struggling at the moment with trying to express myself again. I go thru phases...

Monday we spent about three hours together rigging a sailing boat that has been donated to the sailing club. Checking all the ropes and wires and spars and sails are OK, that sorta thing. Wednesday he has about an hour free from teaching classes, so we had a cuppa together in the glorious Spring sunshine. And on Friday we were continuing the shed building process, by starting to get some of the frame upright (which is still standing strong, i might add! heh heh). So yeah, it's been... well, i guess we've been hanging out, but also being 'task-orientated males' and keeping ourselves busy doing 'stuff', but talking as we go as well.

My selection for today...
Matt Finish - Short Note
I saw these guys live back in those days (early 1980's! Gagh!) They were a sensationally tight 4-piece with clever arrangements with punchy tense songwriting. Yeah, I liked them :) Unfortunately, Matt Moffit passed away a few years ago, aged 45. :(

Isn't it funny how music can bring back some strong memories sometimes? I guess I have been feeling kinda emotional in a subconscious way this week. It came to the surface in funny unexpected ways. I downloaded some Abba songs the other night, simply because I realised I haven't any in my collection. Nothing wrong with Abba. Sure they were pretty pap and soppy pop back in the 70;s, but hey, some of their stuff was pretty complex, when you listen to it closely! Good writing too. Anyways...

"Dancing Queen" came on... and I promptly burst into tears! The instant memory was dancing around the old family home front lounge room with my mum, dancing like idiots to that song, blasting out loud on the family stereo. Yeah, the memory was kinda like a "lost moment of childhood" or something. But the song immediately made me think of mum, and I just felt really melancholic!

Then the next day, out of a series of totally unconnected events, I was watching an episode of the classically-brilliant TV comedy "Fawlty Towers", which I hadn't watched for quite a long time. The opening titles came up - same reaction! I burst into tears! The immediate memory is sitting with mum watching Fawlty Towers together, howling and rolling about laughing, in the back family TV room! The whole time the tears are rolling down my cheeks (thankfully my housemate wasn't at home! I would have felt a right twit otherwise!), I was thinking to myself, "What the *hell* is all this about?!?" heh heh

Silly emotions!

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  1. Glad you had a great time with your kids. In the future your kids will sit back and remember what you did with them when they were younger.

    Sounds like your friend Mr. Hoon has a great friend to confide with. I'm sure he would listen to your problems and help you when he can.
    Hope your doing well Mal

  2. Gee another one!

    Goes off singing

    And now I know, why darkness makes me smile, the night will have its child . . .

    thanks for that,