Friday, 7 September 2007

(*) Cairns Photos

I finally got around to uploading my photos of my visit to my brothers' place in tropical Cairns, far north Queensland, back in July. Here they are. I haven't even edited them or anything. Enjoy.

I haven't been blogging lately because I haven't really much to talk about. Also I've been struggling with a strange new twist on the old "Black Dog" depression... rather than feeling overwhelmed or specifically unhappy by things, at the moment I'm feeling totally apathetic, underwhelmed, numb, unfocused [unable to focus], vague, void and hazy [it's very difficult to describe exactly how I'm feeling]. It's a very strange place to be.

At least the sailing season out here starts again this weekend. There's a working bee and a social sail planned for this Sunday. I might get out there early and rig my boat and make sure everything is OK with it... it's been a few months anyways. There's not much wind forecast, so I might go out for a little spin early, before anyone else gets there! But depends how things are on the day. The water level remains pitiful. It's catch-22... I'm excited at the prospect of sailing again, but the thought also terrifies me to a degree! Strange, isn't it?

I must be getting old... I deliberately went out and bought myself [albeit on special] a CD of all Beethoven's nine symphonies! And I'm actually quite enjoying it. For whatever reason, as a kid/young person, i made a conscious decision that i didn't like Beethoven at all, so I've basically shunned anything of his since then. The past few years I've found myself with a bit of Mozart [which is absolutely yummy music!], and over the past few months I've been vaguely interested in Beethoven. So I bit the bullet and got myself a good slather of his stuff. 5 music CDs for the price of one :)

Me? Classical music...?!? Gagh! It's worse than I thought! [giggles happily]

But some things haven't changed... at more or less the same time, I've been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd! While I'm not 'into' them or a huge fan, I appreciate a lot of what they've done.

Oh... and the DVD burning goes very successfully so far :)

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  1. Glad that you will be sailing soon. You always sound happy when your talking about sailing.

    Everything changes with time...It's like eating your vegetables when you are hate them then...but in time and as you get older, you start to tolerate them.

    I know what you mean about your depression. When i am, i start to feel that my life is just a serious of routine...i'm going thru the motions without actually being there. As of right now..i feel like i am in the now.

  2. It must be the change in season, I too am having mood problems, hyped up and apathetic at the same time.
    Nice piccies.