Wednesday, 15 August 2007

(*) Nice to be back again

It's nice to be back around here again, if the truth be known. I've been frequenting some other strange places online, and after a while it just gets both too weird and too boring. People at those places just aint real, as such. Anyways...
It's not always so easy
Living for tomorow
When today seems
Forever just out of reach.

It's not always so easy
Reaching for your dreams
When those things
That seem so right
Are a non-sense.

It's not always so easy
To see your way ahead
When you spend all your time
Looking back over your shoulder.

It's not always so easy
To hang onto your hopes
When everything you trusted in
Turned out to be ash.

It's not always so easy
To make everyone laugh
All the time.
Sometimes the clown cries
[just some free-form nonsense written as it came out right there and then. Make of it what you will]

How can I even attempt to write anything remotely creative, after the most sincerely beautiful word-art has already been composed? Read it here. I'm serious. It'll change the way you think for the better.

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  1. Not bad with the free-form poetry! I'm impressed... and the blog you linked to is really interesting, must go back and have a longer look... cheers jac

  2. it's always great when you return to the blog-o-sphere.