Monday, 26 March 2007

Fading Memories

ALL of the outpourings of tears and emotions which flowed after the tragic rally car death of Bathurst's King of the Mountain last year have been obliterated at the top of Mount Panorama.

Hundreds of racing fans left tributes to Peter Brock along the mountain's famous Skyline after he died in a West Australian rally crash last September.

But workmen, some with mixed emotions themselves, this week repainted the wall that had become a shrine to the nine-times Great Race champion.

"Peter's memorial could have been left to just fade away," one of his greatest fans, Bathurst's Carol Dobbie said yesterday.

Ms Dobbie returned from holidays on Tuesday and went straight to Mount Panorama "as she always did."

"I was up there Tuesday and saw the red paint," Ms Dobbie explained. "It's sad to see the tributes painted out. At very least they could have left them in place until Easter."

Ms Dobbie said the Bathurst International Motor Festival should have been announced as the last chance for fans to say their farewells to Brocky.

"You've got to remember writing on the wall was the only way for a lot of Peter's fans to say goodbye," Ms Dobbie said.


Mal says: This is just plain stupidity on Bathurst Councils' part. They have destroyed what could easily have been the fan's memorial to one of their own legends. but no, they went ahead, without telling anyone, and just destroyed it. It's an act of Vandalism. Makes me ashamed to live in this town sometimes, when council does shit like this.

I'm not even a Motor Racing fan at all, but still, the guy is almost revered up here in some ways! Even one of the local radion stations is names after him! Silly move, Bx Council. Now we await the backlash...

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