Saturday, 4 February 2023

'The Giving Tree' - A Spring/Summer Photographic Project

Across the road from me lies a little park with a small playground. In it lays a small "Prunus" tree (that fruits small dark Plums in summer)*, that the local council cropped heavily at the start of this winter (2022). The park has a series of about 10 different trees of this type of varying ages and sizes, too. This particular one is just the one that's closest to me. 🌳

*I think it's one of these types of small flowering/fruiting trees, but I'm not exactly sure. I'm no horticulturalist! I'm an average joe who thinks it looks good, basically [laffs]

I will try to take a weekly photo of its progress this Spring/Summer of 2022/23.

Here is how big these trees can become after a good life; this is the same type of tree in the same park across the road, with a swingset to give you an idea of scale. "My" tree is a mere sapling in comparison (Taken 24 November 2022)

📷 I'm using my little Kodak 'point-and-shoot' camera to take these pics. Had it for years, and still works like a charm. 📷

I also got myself an extremely-light camera tripod (very cheap - thanks eBay!)
Maybe no more shaky pics? 😉

(NB. Images stitched together using: Microsoft Image Composite Editor)

🌳 (NB. The title reference is to the book, "The Giving Tree"). 🌳

🌳 The Giving Tree Slideshow 🌳
(Updated 4 February 2023)

Length: 65 seconds
Music: Beethoven: Serenade for String Trio in D, Op. 8: 1. Marcia [Allegro - Adagio]

🌳 The Giving Tree Photos 🌳

💥  NB. Click on the images to see a larger scale of the pic💥

➽ 24th August 2022 - last week of Winter
(It snowed on the nearby hilltops last night - yet she's starting to bloom already)

➽ 31 August 2022: last day of Winter

➽ 7 September 2022

➽ 11 September 2022
In just a few weeks (18 days after the first pic), the blossoms die off, and it starts leaf-budding - just like that!
(NB. First pic using my new camera tripod!)

➽ 14 September 2022

➽ 20 September 2022
4 weeks after the first pic.
(The day after The Queen's Funeral)

➽ 24 September 2022

➽ 30 September 2022
(Overcast day)
It's about 3+ meters / 10-11 feet tall now

➽ 2 October 2022
(A much brighter day)

➽ 4 October 2022
(I took this today, as there is a lot of rain anticipated in the next few days)

➽ 9 October 2022

➽ 15 October 2022
(A glorious Spring day;
loving the growth of the new shoots lower down, too)

➽ 23 October 2022
(Lots of growth, as we've experienced a lot of rainfall)

➽ 29 October 2022
(It's really thickening up now - lovely)

➽ 5 November 2022

➽ 9 November 2022

➽ 12 November 2022
80 days since 1st pic taken
(Before 'The Flood')

➽ 16 November 2022
(After 'The Flood')
(She’s about 4+ meters / 13+ feet tall now)

➽ 23 November 2022

➽ 29 November 2022
(2nd-last day of Spring
97 days since the first pic [above])

➽ 4 December 2022
(4th day of summer)

➽ 9 December 2022

➽ 11 December 2022
(afternoon, 28c/82f)

➽ 16 December 2022

➽ 25 December 2022
(Xmas Day, 30c/86f)

➽ 31 December 2022
(New Year's Eve;
133 days since the first pic was taken;
she's c. 4-1/2 meters / 14-1/2 feet tall now)

➽ 7 January 2023
(1st week of 2023)

➽ 14 January 2023

➽ 21 January 2023

➽ 28 January 2023
(34°c / 93°f)
(She's c. 4-1/2 meters / 14-1/2 feet tall now)

➽ 4 February 2023

🌲 The Giving Tree 🌲
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  1. The prunus is blooming, as they are in Melbourne. Spring is coming. Magnolias soon.

  2. Gotta appreciate the beauty of life. Over here in Florida, we are focused on keeping the bugs out of our garden plants. Neem oil is our best friend. The crickets are hungry and brutal. We spent all summer trying to keep them from eating everything in their path. During the fall season, we got a little break. Finally winter has arrived and we can prepare for the spring. Yep, gotta appreciate the circle of the planters life.

    1. Great to hear from you, Chris! Oh yes, it's good to "touch the grass with bare feet" [grins]